Shop with Scrip

Help the school raise money just by doing your everyday shopping! Purchase prepaid gift cards for your groceries, gas, clothing, etc., and a percentage goes directly to St. Mark’s School upon purchase. With Scrip, you’re paying face value and you’re getting face value. You raise money for St. Mark’s School simply by changing your payment method.

February Promotion!

St Mark's School will give each family, that orders $100 in Scrip gift cards in one transaction in the month of February, a $5 lunch account credit in March.

To order Scrip, it is pretty easy.  Sign in or register at to access over 780 retailer's gift cards or fill out the local form that was in your child's backpack and drop it off along with a check to the office.  If you have never set up an online shopwithscrip account, please use Enrollment Code: E948L1BF22554.  If you have any questions on how to set up an account, join our scrip program will walk you through the process or call Natosha Walsh at 515-360-6912 and she can help you.

If you have any questions about Scrip, please do not hesitate to contact Natosha & Jeff Walsh at or call 515-360-6912.

When we each adjust our payment type slightly to Scrip it WILL have a big impact on dollars that will go back to the school and ultimately help each of our children.

Don’t forget….there are two other ways our school benefits by your everyday shopping:
     1. Select St Mark's School as your "Community Rewards" benefactor on your Fred Meyer savings card.
     2. Select St Mark's School Foundation Inc as your "Charity" for your Amazon Smile account.  In order for the school to get credit, make sure you use for all of your Amazon purchases.