Shop with Scrip

This holiday season brings lots of spending… for others, entertainment, dining out.  Why not turn your holiday buying into earnings for the school!   Purchase your gift cards for your everyday purchases, as well as for others.

Each gift card has a rebate percentage that goes directly to St. Mark’s School upon purchase.  With scrip, you’re paying face value and you’re getting face value. You raise money for St. Mark’s School simply by changing your payment method.

So while you are shopping online at Amazon, going to Target and Walmart for the family, grocery shopping at Albertson’s, grabbing your Starbucks coffee, going to Regal movies while on Christmas break, and enjoying a break from the kitchen – use the gift cards from to help the school raise money!

Directions to order your scrip gift cards for the over 780 participating retailers

A Christmas SCRIP order will be placed in time for your gift giving needs.  Join our Scrip Program. Sign in or register at to purchase gift cards for face value, then our school receives a percentage of your purchases.  Use Enrollment Code:  E948L1BF22554.  Please have your order completed by 12/5/17 in order to have the gift cards delivered to you before Christmas break.

Don’t forget….there are two other ways our school benefits by your everyday shopping –

  1.  Select St Mark's School as your "Community Rewards" benefactor on your Fred Meyer savings card.
  2.  Select St Mark's School Foundation Inc as your "Charity" for your Amazon Smile account.  In order for the school to get credit, make sure you use for all of your Amazon purchases.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Jeff and Natosha Walsh at