Tuition and Fees

All payments above the tuition rate for which you qualify may be taken as a charitable tax donation. Consult your tax accountant for information.

*PARISH TUITION BENEFIT APPLICATION must be completed and approved to receive this rate

Registered member of St. Mark’s for at least one year (exceptions are made for families moving into the area). 
Regular Mass attendance on Sundays & Holy Days of Obligation at St. Mark’s Parish. 
At least one Adult member of the household is committed and active in at least one parish ministry outside of the school. 
Committed to Biblical tithing with a goal of 5% of gross income to parish, 1% to Annual Diocesan Appeal and 4% of gross income to other charities. 
Know that your commitment entails a respect and cooperation with those who provide Catholic education- the priests, parishioners and teachers and their policies.

**Letter of Verification of Good Standing from your Parish Pastor must be included with this Application in order to receive this rate

In addition to annual tuition, some fees will apply. For example, Registration Fees, Class/Technology Fees and Facilities Fees will be billed with Registration materials.


$300/student due upon return of registration forms. Registration fees are non-refundable.