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St. Mark’s school is one of the best choices you can make to prepare your child academically, emotionally and spiritually for today’s world. The staff, faculty, parents and students of St. Mark’s want to share with you just how special our school is. After viewing the information we have provided on this web site, it is our sincere  hope that you will take that next step toward enrolling your child or children at St. Mark’s School. ACT today to place your child in the hands of faith at St. Mark’s Catholic School.

School History

Presently, there are thirteen parishes with Catholic schools in the Diocese, which encompasses the entire state.  Boise is home to four of those schools as well as the only Catholic high school in the state, Bishop Kelly High School.  All schools are supported independently by their parish or surrounding parishes.  Bishop Kelly receives funding from seven parishes in the Boise area.

In 1967, St. Mark’s School was opened as a “mission school” of Sacred Heart Church and school.  The population of Boise was expanding west and a new parish and school were needed. The “mission” school opened with three classrooms.  The construction of St. Mark’s School was truly a labor of love as much of the construction was completed by parent volunteers. Today, St. Mark’s School is still blessed with great parent volunteers who continue to maintain and update its structure as needed.

The school continued to expand and the parish church was completed and celebrated its first Mass in 1975.   Kindergarten was offered for the first time in 1998 and in 2001 the Home and School Association funded the remodeling of the school library and added the first computer lab.

In 2001, land was purchased a quarter of a mile from the school to build a new church and offices.  Once the parish offices were vacated, they were quickly renovated into two classrooms and two restrooms.  In 2008, four more classrooms were added along with restrooms.  With the completion of the six classrooms, St. Mark’s School now has a “middle school” environment for the school’s 6-8th graders. The old church now serves as an auditorium for programs and assemblies.

In 2007, the school received a grant from the E.L. Wiegand foundation in the amount of $183,507.13 which was used to furnish the new middle school as well as outfit the entire school with numerous technological advances including SmartBoards and LCD projectors in each and every classroom.  With the support of the Home and School Association and the School Foundation, along with the continuing support of parents and benefactors, the school has kept pace with the current need for more classrooms, as well as keeping pace with updating technology and offering students, not only ample room to learn, but the tools to achieve a great education.


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