School Forms

All school forms are provided below in Adobe Acrobat Reader form. Adobe Acrobat is a free program that comes with most computers, Mac or PC based. If you do not have Adobe Reader you can find a copy to install here.

2016 School Calendar

This is a list of all the important dates during the 2016 / 2017 school year. Download the Important Dates.

Apparel and Promotional Item Order Form

Use this form to order apparel and promotional items.

Download the St. Mark’s Apparel and Promotional Item Order From.

Application for a Certified Position Form

Use this Application for a Certified Position Form to submit for employment to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise.

Dwonload the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise Application for a Certified Position.

Professional Essay Form

An outline of the required questions and content inclusion for submitting application for teaching positions at Saint Marks.

Download the Professional Essay form.

Computer Contract Form

Student use of the computers and the internet at St. Mark’s School is a privilege. The computers will be used only for educational purposes. This is the computer and the internet contract. These guidelines are for both you and your students to read over.  After you and your children read them, please sign the permission slips in the form and return to the Saint Mark’s School office. This contract is always in effect, before school, during school, after school and on weekends.

Download the Saint Mark’s Computer Contract Form.

Driver Information Form

Parents and adults wishing to be drivers for various functions must fill out and submit this form to the Saint Mark’s School office.

Download the Driver Information Form.

Expectation of St. Mark's School Families Form

As parents and guardians of Saint Marks students, you have many responsibilities to them. This form spells out the expectations Saint Mark’s School has of you, the parents and guardians.
• Spiritual
• Educational
• Financial

Download the Expectations Form.

Flu Vaccine Consent Form

The Saint Alphonsus School Health Program is pleased to offer the Flu vaccine for all students during the 2016-2017 flu season. Please sign and return this consent form as soon as possible. We will be offering both injectable as well as nasal, please mark below which one you prefer your child to receive.

Download the Flu Vaccine Consent Form.

Grandparents Pride Club Form

Did you know we have a Grandparents Club at St. Mark’s Catholic School? If you have already filled it out, your parents have previously received the introductory letter and brochure, so encourage them to sign up! If not, then please let us know if we can contact them by filling out the information in this form. We will send them a brochure which tells them about this great opportunity to connect with St. Mark’s!

Download the Grandparents Pride Club Form.

Saint Alphonsus School Health History Form/Medication Authorization

Healthy children are better learners, and our goal is to assist you with achieving the healthiest and safest learning environment for your child(ren). It is very difficult to handle physical, emotional, or behavioral problems in children if we are not aware that they exist. Therefore, we are asking you to help us by informing us (on the Health History form) of any health concern/condition/history your child has

Download the Saint Alphonsus School Health History and Mediation Authorization Forms.


School Bus Form

St. Mark’s will once again be offering bus transportation to students who live south and west of the school’s location. Use this form to register your student for the bus service.

Download the School Bus form.

School Supply List

Students should have their school supplies by the first day of school. Please be sure that all supplies and clothing are well marked with name and grade.

Download the School Supply List.

Student Responsibility Form

Saint Mark’s Students have a responsibility for the education they receive. Each student must agree to faithfully follow all the regulations and expectations of Saint Mark’s School:
• Respect the Dignity of the Human Person
• Responsibility
• Honesty
• Dignity of Work
• Service
• Charity

Download the complete form to review all the expectations of the Saint Mark student.

Tax Information

By supporting our parish school, you help contribute to providing young people the gift of Catholic education. If you work for a corporation, check and see if they have a matching contribution program. That way you might each get a triple tax break and the school would receive a double benefit.

Download the complete form to review the Tax Information.

Uniform Dress Code Form

The dress code at St. Mark’s School is to help provide a safe learning environment that emphasizes the dignity of each student as well as developing pride in the school. It allows the student to focus on academics rather than on dress. It helps eliminate competition for expensive and/or fad clothing. The school’s dress code also serves to develop healthy attitudes regarding Christian modesty. Compliance with the dress code is an expectation of each student attending St. Mark’s School. Parents, guardians, students, teachers, and staff must be knowledgeable and supportive of the school’s dress code.

Download the complete form to review all Saint Mark’s Dress Codes.