School Board

The mission of the St. Mark’s School Board is to define policies and assist in the governance of Catholic education at our school.

St. Mark’s School has a School Board that consists of five to seven members who act as an advisory group to the principal and pastor of St. Mark’s Catholic Community, who retains ultimate authority regarding the school’s operation.  Such policies include the planning and operation of the school, determining the budget and tuition rates, and establishment of operations consistent with the policies of the Diocese of Boise. Board members are elected to terms of two years.

The School Board meets each month during the school year and provides direction for the school in its work to achieve its educational mission. Information brought to the board by the principal is reviewed and policies or budgetary options are developed in collaboration with the Board for those areas where opportunities exist to improve the educational experience or meet the operational needs of the school. In order for all major leadership groups connected with the school to be aligned, a joint meeting of the School Board, Home and School Association, St. Mark’s School Foundation,  pastor and the pastoral associate for administration occurs at the beginning of the school year. School Board members are asked at the conclusion of the school year to review the previous goals and formulate next steps in achieving future goals.

St. Mark’s School Board Minutes

St. Mark’s School School Board Bylaws

Our meetings are in person in the Middle School.

Meetings are scheduled at 5:30 p.m. on the 2nd Monday of each month.

Christopher Lutzow – President/Chair
 – Vice President/Chair
 – Finance Secretary
Tami Schaller - Secretary
 - Members