Daniella Knell, school parent

We feel pride in the fact that St. Marks Parish School is committed to educating the “whole” child. Our children are continually challenged to push themselves to their highest academic potential. Their spiritual needs are met not solely through classroom learning, but through daily prayer and opportunities to actively participate in class led masses. The required community service expectations open up our children’s minds and hearts at an early age to the benefits of stewardship toward the Church and world community. We can’t imagine receiving a more well rounded education for our children anywhere else.

Godfrey Family, school family

Our family is so blessed to be a part of the St. Mark’s family. We have four children at St. Mark’s School. Our school journey started off at a Boise Public School that at the time taught a Harbor method. We liked the structured setting and that the academic goals were higher than the school district’s base. Also, the kids were taught to be respectful and kind to one another. But we always felt like something was missing. It was the need to have Christ present all of the time. One of the first weeks in that first year, I remember hearing two of my children in the back of my car singing a song they had learned at Mass. I knew that Christ was present with them at school. He pours out of them with the knowledge that they get on a daily basis. At times, they are teaching me about our faith. My younger child was telling me that St. Patrick wasn’t really Irish. She then went on to tell me about his life and how God had asked him to help others to believe in Jesus. I think He is asking us to do the same. By having our children at St. Mark’s School, they are getting excellent academics, taught to be respectful and kind, but most importantly given the tools of our Catholic faith to guide their lives and the lives of others to Jesus.

3rd grade student

I think what makes St. Mark’s school special is we get to talk about Jesus. I am very happy my parents sent me to this school. The teachers are very nice. There is also a reason why this school is special, we get to do religion and learn about God every day. You should try St. Mark’s School.

Keriann Brinegar, St. Mark's School Alumni

Thanks to my experience at St. Mark’s, my freshman year at Bishop Kelly was a breeze.  Additionally, St. Mark’s had me prepared for my time at
Gonzaga to get my Special Education Degree and at University of Portland for my Masters in Education.

Mandi Schiedler, school parent

My main goal for my children as a parent: I want them to live the life God intended them to lead. I want them to reach out to others, to treat each other with kindness, and to keep God present in their lives throughout the day. Our faith begins at home, but what better place to send them during the day to continue to learn and to practice their Catholic faith with fellow peers and staff of St. Mark’s School. It’s important to me that they have a religious education and to also have academic success and I feel they receive this by being a part of St. Mark’s School.